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Tapestry weaving, with its structure of horizontal weft and vertical warp involves a kind of spatial counting. In my work, each tapestry is both a response to the basic structure of weaving and also an exploration of geometric forms, numerical rhythms, or unexpected imagery that emerges at the loom. Some tapestry designs are inspired by patterns within nature forms and processes, astronomy, or diverse weaving traditions. For others the imagery has a narrative dimension.

The rich colour in tapestry comes from a wide-ranging palette of wool dyes and also the unique possibility of colour mixing based on applying the principle of pointillism: that is, any point of intersection of a weft thread (wool) covering a warp (cotton) can be a distinct point of colour. The vibrancy of colours results from these innumerable interactions, creating colour blends, rhythms, and harmonies.

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My paintings reflect a  long-time exploration of colour, geometry, nature forms, and rhythmic patterning. Some works use a spontaneous gestural approach; others use mark-making that evokes textures of textiles; and, in combination with block printing, others include geometric lattices, symmetries and patterns. I paint with acrylic on canvas or on cotton or linen adhered to wood panel. Some use fabric dye pigments on cotton or linen. Other works emphasize the canvas as a textured fabric with layers of interconnecting lines. The dynamic interplay of colour contrasts, harmonies, and rhythms is a hallmark of my work.

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